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B4 Play Foam Roller (Half)

B4 Play Foam Roller (Half)
Product Code: Foam Roller - Half
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Price: R280

The B4 Play Foam Roller - HALF is a small, blue roller made from a very dense foam.

Measuring just 150mm flat side x 75mm round side x 285mm Long, it is light and portable.

This compact Roller is fast becoming popular with sportsmen as a massage tool for sports injuries and to use before and after events, to help maintain suppleness and prevent muscle stiffness.

Using a Foam Roller is simple, but working some areas of the body may initially be fairly painful and may take a bit of practice and some body contortion.

Find an open, spacious area where you can lie down to do your workout. Your body weight creates the pressure that massages and releases tight spots in the fascia or muscle tissue. You control the pressure by applying more, or less, body weight on the foam roller and using your hands and feet to offset your weight as needed.  It is helpful to try a variety of positions and see what works best for you.


Using the Foam Roller

  • Always check with your doctor before using a Foam Roller for myofascial release.
  • Perform Foam Roller sessions when your muscles are warm or after a workout.
  • Position the Roller under the soft tissue area you want to release or loosen.
  • Gently roll your body weight back and forth across the Roller while targeting the affected muscle.
  • Move slowly and work from the center of the body out toward your extremities.
  • If you find a particularly painful area (trigger point), hold that position until the area softens.
  • Focus on areas that are tight or have a reduced range of motion.
  • Roll over each area a few times until you feel it relax.  Expect some discomfort, it may feel very tender or bruised at first.
  • Stay on soft tissue and avoid rolling directly over bone or joints.
  • Keep your first few Foam Roller sessions short, about 15 minutes is all you need.
  • Rest a day between sessions when you start.
  • Drink plenty of water after a session, just as you would after a sports massage.
  • After a few weeks you can increase your session time and frequency, if you choose.


NB.  If you have any heart or vascular illness, or a chronic pain condition, do not use a Foam Roller without your physician's approval.

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