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B4 Play Resistance Pole

B4 Play Resistance Pole
Product Code: Resistance Trainer
Availability: In Stock
Price: R650

The B4 Play Resistance Pole – for Physiotherapists and other practitioners

This product is a very simple device which comprises a light metal pole and an elastic band which can be attached at either end.
Although this product is fairly simple it is not that easy to use and the amount of variation you can create is unlimited. The most critical aspect is the ability to create a vast range of rotational force exercises which cause the patient to have to stabilise or move in a transverse plane.

The primary role of the abdominal muscles when exercising is to provide isometric support and limit the rotation of the trunk. The Resistance Pole changes simple movements such as a forward lunge into a core challenging exercise pulling the patient into rotation in many possible directions.

This is especially useful for patients with restrictive lumber rotation range of movements. Simple exercises can be organised into basic groups of:

  • pull and push
  • hip focused rotations
  • dynamic stability exercises

It is possible to modify and create various combinations of exercises to suit patients' needs by changing from hand to foot positions, open to closed chain, transverse rotation to isometric anti-rotation, etc.


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