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B4 Play Balance Pad (Large)

B4 Play Balance Pad (Large)
Product Code: Balance Pad Large
Availability: In Stock
Price: R300

The B4 Play Balance Pad is made from closed foam and mostly retains its shape without indentation during use.

The 40mm x 200mm x 300mm pad is light and portable.

Exercise on the Balance Pad will improve balance and strengthen the stabilising muscles of the ankles, knees and calves.

It can be used to perform squats, lunges, push-ups and one- or two-legged balance moves with comfort.

Two Balance Pads, stacked on top of one another, increases the difficulty level.  They can also be placed alongside one another to vary exercises.

The Balance Pad is widely used by physiotherapists and sports trainers for rehabilitation and sports conditioning. These professionals realise that balance training greatly improves performance levels and core strengthening, as well as coordination and good posture.

Optometrists with a special interest in visual skills get their patients to practise their balance to assist in the remediation of their vision skills.

Habitual use of the Balance Pad can improve stability and greatly reduce the risk of falling/injury for the elderly, affording them an improved and independent lifestyle for much longer.


We provide the equipment you will need to build more balance in your daily life.

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